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Cargoclear Form

Account Application (Qld)

Cargoclear International

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Account Application (Qld)

The section below is to be completed only if commercial credit is sought:
Full name and private address of Directors, Proprietors and Partners
Trade References: (not Banks or Building Societies)
Disbursements payable on receipt of invoice.
All other charges - 7 days

Agreement that Rigel 7 Holdings Pty Ltd t/a Cargoclear International Qld may seek consumer information (Section 18K (1)(b) Privacy Act 1988)

If Cargoclear Qld considers it relevant to my/our application for commercial credit, I/we agree to Cargoclear Qld obtaining from a credit reporting agency, a credit report containing personal information about me/us in relation to commercial credit provided by Cargoclear QLD.

Exchanging information with other credit providers (Section 18N (1)(b), Privacy Act 1988)

I/we agree to Cargoclear Qld obtaining personal information about me/us from other credit providers, whose names I/we may have provided for Cargoclear Qld or that may be named in a credit report, for the purpose of assessing my/our application for commercial credit made to Cargoclear Qld.

Agreement to a credit provider being given a consumer credit report to collect overdue payment on commercial credit (Section 18K (1)(b) Privacy Act 1988)

I/we the undersigned submit this information to assist you to extend credit facilities as above/negotiated. Orders placed by, and invoiced to the proprietor(s) specified above remain the contractual responsibility for payment by he proprietor(s) unless expressly agreed in writing to the contrary.

I/we hereby agree to be bound by the standard trading terms and condition of Cargoclear Qld. I/we accept the rates and services offered by Cargoclear Qld. I/we understand these rates are valid until further notice and thereafter may be subject to change as airline/shipping line rate increase/decrease.

Must be executed by all Directors or Proprietors.

Executed by {{ID}}
Cargoclear International

ABN: 15 080 217 367

*For International calls, dial 617 prefix

Cargoclear is a Licensed IATA member and member of 

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*For International calls, dial 617 prefix

Cargoclear International


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