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Cargoclear offers our own short-term customs clearance warehousing solution and delivery service complete with an on-time delivery notification. 

Qualified warehousing staff

ensure your goods are stored securely, hygienically and perfectly.

Fully equipped and easily accessible storage

efficient, secure and convenient storage for speedy distribution

Between Brisbane's CBD and Airport

Warehouse ideally located near Eagle Farm Airport and the Brisbane River Wharves.

Warehousing and delivery

Customs clearance warehousing with the best possible timely delivery service.

Customs Clearance Warehousing

we help with storage

Congratulations! So your goods have been shipped, cleared and they’re ready to be unpacked and warehoused… If only you had access to a temporary space until your main facility is ready! ...

You do! Our warehouse is 1250 square metres, ideally located at Eagle Farm on the fringe of the Brisbane CBD, and with easy access to Brisbane International Airport and Brisbane River Wharves. Cargoclear staffs the space with fully qualified warehouse and logistics staff, to ensure your stock is stored safely and securely.

Take advantage of our fully equipped and conveniently located storage building and stop paying more for inferior service. At Cargoclear, your business is our business; you will be treated with respect, integrity and old fashioned appreciation. 

Cargoclear International

More about warehousing...

A genuine and reliable shipping service provider offers advantages like cost savings, smooth exporting and importing, and fast delivery of goods.
Okay, but what happens after your goods have been shipped and cleared?  They now have to be unpacked and put in your warehouse. But the biggest problem is — you don’t have any main facility of your own. Not even a temporary space. Hence at that time, a contract warehouse comes to your rescue. But do you know what exactly a contract warehouse is? By general definition, this place is a warehouse that is built to look after business aspects related to receiving goods, storing them safely and taking orders of dispatching. However, while numerous companies provide standard services that include customised services for contract warehousing, it’s very important to choose a firm that is highly experienced. Warehousing  and distribution requires expert knowledge and inexperience can easily generate a ton of problems. Just having a storage facility is not enough!
A warehousing solution should have these requirements:

Customs clearance warehousing and distribution of the cleared goods is in high demand as not all companies have facilities that are large enough where they can store their goods.

Thus, when you decide to sign a contract with contract warehousing firm, remember it is important to choose a firm that is ready to share all the risks with you. This is the best way to ensure you have the best service.

Cargoclear warehousing

Our Customs Clearance warehouse offers safe handling and delivery of goods!

We are pleased to provide customs clearance warehousing with the best possible timely delivery service.

Our warehouse spans an area of 1250 square metres on the edge of Brisbane CBD at Eagle Farm, near Brisbane International Airport and the Brisbane River Wharves.

Cargoclear services the warehouse with fully qualified staff, ensuring your goods are stored securely and perfectly. Take advantage of our fully equipped and easily accessible storage building and stop paying for an inferior service. At Cargoclear, your business is our business.

Need a delivery alternative? 

If you're in need of a reliable alternative for goods delivery, we'll be happy to help you.

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