Do you: 

  • Import goods from around the world? 
  • Export goods to new markets? 

Don’t let quarantine blocks delay your business goals! 

Customs Clearance Quarantine

Cargoclear understands the importance of quarantine; we also know just how confusing it can be navigating the differing laws of the global community, as each border has its singular set of extras and export/import rules. 

CC staff are freight forwarding go-to guys, utilizing over 30 years’ experience travelling the world with large and small consignments; our team members stay up-to-date on the latest information to ensure your product is compliant and approved without delay.  

Customs clearance quarantine can stir feelings of uncertainty, as new risks appear and the sensitive environments can be dangerously affected by exposure to pests and diseases. Although you are exporting or importing perfectly legal freight, your stock will be thoroughly checked in order to minimise outbreaks. Australia is no exception strict regulations; imported goods and products must meet a specific criteria before you’re granted the all clear. 

When you’ve got deadlines to meet, it pays to have the right advice; the wrong string of words can lead to big headaches and interruptions.  Cargoclear specialize in arming our customers with real-world knowledge; your interests are our interests, from the dotted line to the final goodbye, our team will provide a friendly and affordable customer service experience. 

Customs Issue? Not an issue anymore!

Whenever import of goods takes place into a country, there are chances of it being inspected in the form of customs duty and (or) GST which stands for Goods and Services Tax and other various taxes; depending on certain factors are applied. Customs usually varies from one country to another. Generally, they check goods that contain tobacco and alcohol of, the quantity or value doesn’t matter. It also checks various goods of customs interest or any imports prohibited by customs.

If you are sending and receiving cargo to various parts of the world, you will need the assistance of a customs broker. But before you hire one, you need to know what they do. Their responsibilities can vary because they provide a service that has a wide range. The main role of a customs broker is to increase the speed of the process of clearing your goods through customs very easily and making sure your cargo is secured as fast as possible. The experience and skills of customs brokers are needed to achieve this purpose.

The paperwork involved takes up the majority of work in this job when you need to ship goods. A broker is completely responsible for the completion of all the required paperwork to get clearance from the offices of Customs and Quarantine. The main documents like the Bill of Lading, commercial invoice and other necessary documents relevant to taxes and restrictions are the main requirement for the transport of goods. It is the responsibility of customs broker to give accurate shipping data required and regulated by Customs to you.

Because of utmost importance of the issue, we, at Cargoclear, help you sort them out for you. The documents in check and the goods inspected, it becomes much more convenient for the overseas travellers when they get it transported through us. With a well experienced staff, it becomes an easy job when it comes to freight forwarding. On time deliveries to the major ports in Australia and across the world, we, at Cargoclear, successfully transport your goods with minimum hassles. With an updated knowledge of the clearance rules around the world, we make transportation a smoother process.

Goods will be checked by the customs department before they are imported anywhere even if you have got all kinds of clearances except customs clearance quarantine. The department just needs to make sure that the items you are importing do not harm the environment in any manner and are 100% legal. Cargoclear helps you get the aforementioned clearance so that all your items are delivered on time without any hindrance from the concerned department.

If you do not get customs clearance quarantine, then the customs may seize the items you have imported and you may need to fight a long battle to get them back, which will subsequently result in loss of money and time. It is advisable that you connect with us to get customs clearance quarantine for all items you import.