Cargoclear… a stand out freight forwarding company in Australia.  Why do we  say that?  Well, we have committed and invested in the industry that sets us apart.  We own and operate our own customs and quarantine bond.  What this means is we gain a level of control over the logistics chain that is the envy of our competitors.  And having an IATA licence enables us to contract directly with the airlines.

 We’re a proven customer- focused service, driven by honesty, transparency and client satisfaction. 

 Our service covers: 

  • Freight Forwarding
  • Customs Clearance
  • Warehousing
  • Quarantine

We customs clear, store and freight forward all cargo by sea or air, from the modest to the major. 

We have long term staff serving longstanding clients.

We care about your business because we know it’s our job on the line!

How can we help you? 

Cargo Clear – Your partner for International Freight Forwarding in Australia!

International freight forwarders help in moving cargo to any destination outside the country. They organise shipments for individuals or organisations, get the goods collected and transport them to the destination through their carriers. They are familiar with the import rules of other countries and also the export regulations of their own country. They can give expert advice in the documents which one would require while exporting one’s cargo and also help in shipping to the destination country. The international freight forwarders also help in getting the goods packed and give recommendations on how to pack the merchandise so that it remains safe during transit. They also reserve the space necessary for transporting the cargo either by air, vessel, railroad or any other means and ensure that it reaches its destination. As soon as the order is ready for shipping, the freight forwarding company will review the documents required by the carrier or the country to where the goods are being exported for safe transportation of the goods – bill of lading, commercial invoice, cargo arrival notice, packing list, purchase order, freight certificate and any special document that might be required. Before shipping, they make arrangements with the customs brokers overseas and make certain that all rules are adhered according to the customs export documentation regulations. The importers have to follow detailed custom clearance formalities before the goods can be taken to the destination once the goods have arrived. Cargoclear International Pty Ltd is an international freight forwarding company and licensed customs brokers in Australia. We, at Cargoclear, are the best international freight forwarders in Australia and offer services by air as well as by sea. We are the experts in international freight forwarding in Australia and with our expertise in freight forwarding, customs clearance regulations, warehousing and quarantine requirements, our customers can be guaranteed of a satisfactory service. Before the goods are transported, we advise in freight forwarding and get the required documents ready for customs clearance in the destination country. Our customers may not have a space in the destination country to stock their goods. We, at Cargoclear, offer the solution for storing the unpacked shipment. Once the goods have been shipped and reach the destination we offer a temporary warehousing solution in our 1250 square meters warehouse located at Eagel Farm on the fringe of the Brisbane CBD till the goods are ready for delivery and hence, ensure that your cargo is safe till the time it goes out for despatch. Also, since different laws exist across the globe, our team of experts in the field of freight forwarding ensures that the cargo is approved immediately by meeting quarantine requirements. We also have an IATA License. This gives us the added advantage of having a direct contract with the airlines. With all the knowledge and experience in international freight forwarding in Australia we strive to be the best international freight forwarders in Australia, and our long-term staff members ensure that our customers get full attention and satisfaction out of the services provided by us.